News | 08-8-2018

Ferdinand Bolstaat 72 in De Pijp

‘Some properties do not need any changes and should be cherished.’

At the end of May, we became the new owner of the beautiful location at Ferdinand Bolstraat 72 in Amsterdam. For over 30 years, this property was in the hands of the family that owned and operated the Pico café. We were able to purchase the property via direct negotiations with the heirs.

Consideration is presently being given to new options for the empty ground floor that formerly housed the café. The upstairs residential units have already been let. The café/restaurant space on the ground floor will be thoroughly renovated around mid-2018, whereby the history of the property will be cherished.

This object is located in the middle of “De Pijp”, an area with a wealth of attractive hotspots and which is ideally situated across from the entrance to the new North/South metro line. Not far from this location, we are also busy redeveloping the former district council offices at Karel du Jardinstraat 61-67 into rental apartments plus social/public facilities on the ground floor.