News | 24-8-2018

Longest open-air street artwork in Amsterdam

A 160-metre long wall along the “Foodstrip” is the backdrop for the longest open-air street artwork in Amsterdam.

The development of a new neighbourhood in the Amstel III area is going full steam ahead.

With the painting of the 160-metre long wall along the “Foodstrip” on the Tafelbergweg, we have taken the initiative to create a rather special and vibrant welcoming entrance to the area. The responsible artistic duos, Karski & Beyond and Bier en Brood, have been working hard for 10 days and the result is already quite impressive. Feel free to come round and watch the artists at work! The art project can also be followed on instagram via @karskiandbeyond and@bierenbrood.

Artistic choice
We chose to have both duos collaborate on a single design in which their contrasting styles reinforce each other to create a powerful image. The combination of surrealistic, colourful art with the more geometric, psychedelic black-and-white art, supplemented with abstract and realistic elements, visualises a dreamlike world and serves as an invitation to explore the surreal reality of a developing city, an area still in its infancy, and a place where a mix of vibrant elements come together. It stretches the imagination in terms of what is or is not there, which is exactly what Amstel III now looks like.

During the 2017 Street Art Awards, Karski & Beyond were chosen as the best Street Artist in the Netherlands.

The artwork is the result of a collaboration between Caransa Groep B.V. and ZO!City, and is being carried out with the support of Anouk Piket, the person responsible for realising R.U.A. – Reflexo on Urban Art.