News | 25-3-2019

News about The Karel!

De Karel is an old building, which is why we sometimes come across things that are unexpected. That is also why we have to inform you that the delivery date for De Karel has unfortunately been delayed. The apartments are now scheduled for delivery in mid-June instead of May.

We are now very busy putting the finishing touches on the apartments. All the interior walls on the 4th floor are already in place, and the subfloors, including the floor heating system, have been completed. The walls and ceilings have been spray-coated, and the first bathrooms have already been tiled. The floor finish, the kitchens, and the sanitary facilities will be delivered and installed in April.

The apartments will be completed and delivered per storey, going from top to bottom. Almost all the outer walls are now wind-tight and watertight, and the last pieces of glazing are now being installed in the frames. The façade scaffolding is now being disassembled, after which the entire renovated façade of De Karel will become visible in the beginning of April.

In the week starting 22 April 2019, the application page will be launched that you can use to apply online for the rental of an apartment in De Karel. You can also upload the required documents via this page. The deadline for applying for an apartment is Monday 6 May 2019. About two weeks after the application deadline, the persons who have been assigned* an apartment will be informed accordingly. After the apartments have been assigned, the rental contracts will be drawn up and, after the approval process, they will be signed if the tenant meets all the requirements.
The rental process for the apartments will be handled by Tel Makelaars (estate agents).

The first key handover is expected to take place in the second week of June 2019. The apartments will be delivered per storey, with each storey taking about one week for delivery.
The rental prices for the apartments start at €971 per month exclusive of service costs, water and electricity, a storage unit in the basement, and a parking space.

Everyone who has registered his or her interest in the project will be informed via the newsletter of the date on which the application page will be launched.

* Caransa Groep B.V. and Tel Makelaars will not release any statements regarding the manner of assignment of the apartments.

Rearfacade of the Karel
Subfloor with underfloor heating has been installed

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