News | 12-3-2021

Demolition of Paasheuvelweg 22A and B has started!

And we’re off! The demolition of the two buildings at Paasheuvelweg 22A and B in Amsterdam is now in full swing.

Demolition specialist Deegen started on the demolition work at Paasheuvelweg 22 A at the beginning of this year. The first step was the removal of all systems and installations, as well as the remaining fitting-out package (internal walls, finishings, suspended ceilings, etc.). Last week a start was made on the demolition of the shell (exterior walls, roofs, floors, main structure). Following the demolition of Paasheuvelweg 22 A, a start was made on the demolition of 22 B.

All materials resulting from the demolition were sorted and removed into sustainable sales channels for re-use wherever possible. In the event that reuse is not possible, these waste flows are taken to recognised processors with the aim of recycling raw materials for re-use in construction and civil engineering projects.

The demolition of both buildings will take a total of five months. If all goes according to plan, a start on construction of the new complex will be made in June 2021, starting with the placement of sheet pile walls for the realisation of the construction pit/underground car park.

Further information on the project can be found using the following link: New development Paasheuvelweg 22 .