“Maup Caransa rented out his first residential property for 48 guilders per month”

A rich history

Almost 70 years ago, soon after World War II, the namegiver and founder of our company, Maurits Caransa, purchased his first residential property and rented it out for 48 guilders per month. Caransa & Co was established shortly thereafter. It marked the birth of what would develop into a flourishing real estate company in the following years.

Maurits (Maup) Caransa was passionate about “his” Amsterdam and entertaining people. Both these passions are reflected in the many hotels and restaurants/cafés that he purchased, such as the Schiller Hotel on the Rembrandtplein and the Doelen Hotel on the Amstel. In the following decades, the company experienced very strong growth, and the decision to enter the property development sector was only a logical next step. As a result, Maup Caransa made a big contribution to a great many new building projects in Amsterdam.

Maup Caransa was actively involved in the company until 2004. Since the 1980s, the third generation of the Caransa family has also been involved in the company. And although the company has been known by a variety of business names and brands over the past decades, the Caransa name has always remained. What has also remained the same is the commitment of the company to the capital city of the Netherlands and its residents. After all, by developing buildings that give pleasure to a great many people, Caransa Groep B.V contributes to an optimum residential environment and quality-of-life in Amsterdam.