Building pit excavation for Heineken Hoek in full swing

The demolition of the old Heineken Hoek resulted in an open space on the corner of the Leidseplein, where a new building will stand two years from now, characterised by a transparent exterior façade, which will give the Leidseplein a fresh and lively look.

The excavation of the building pit was started immediately after the demolition in order to facilitate the construction of the new basement. Before the start of the building industry holiday, the last sheet piling elements will be put in place followed by the topmost strut frame. After the holiday, the old Heineken Hoek basement will be demolished, after which the building pit will be excavated to its full depth, the pump drainage will be installed, and the foundation piles will be put in place. The above activities will be completed in October/November 2021, after which the contractor will start work on the building shell at the end of 2021.

The building pit activities are being carried out by Gebr. van ’t Hek (sheet piling and pile driving) and I. Deegen & Zoon (earthwork and pump drainage). The implementing parties (building contractor and mechanical engineering/installation specialists) have already been selected and will soon be announced.

The new Heineken Hoek – designed by MVSA Architects – consists of six floors and a fully sunken basement. The restaurant and catering facilities will be spread out over the basement, ground floor, and first floor. The upper floors will become a high-quality four-star hotel. The façade will be composed of two parts: a closed inner façade and a glass outer façade. The inner façade will be fitted with white panels in a triangular pattern at various depths, creating a subtle geometric relief. The outer façade will be composed of glass triangles at various angles of inclination. The old, enclosed conservatory has been replaced in the new plan by a transparent canopy under which the patio and entrances are located.

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