Heineken Hoek, on the way to the top!

We have been gaining ground in the recent period. Literally, as the basement is ready. The flooring of the ground level is almost completely poured. In other words, we are now heading skywards. There is a lot on the programme for the coming weeks, such as placing the precast concrete elements for the awning and installing the concrete stairs on the ground floor. If all goes well, the floor of the first level may even be poured before the end of November.

Autumn 2023, doors open
The aim is to welcome the first guests to the completely new Heineken Hoek in a year’s time. The basement, ground floor and first floor offer space for the hospitality sector. And the upper floors are reserved for a stylish four-star hotel.

One of a kind
The new Heineken Hoek promises to be the eyecatcher of Leidseplein, thanks to the transparent awning with the terrace and the entrance underneath. And of course, because of the unique frontage: this diamond-shaped facade of the building consists of two layers, an inner and an outer facade. The inner facade (thermal shell) has white sheet material in a triangular pattern of three different depths, creating a subtle relief. The outer facade is constructed from glass triangles positioned at a variety of angles. The glass, diamond-shaped exterior facade is a reference to the Koh-I-Noor diamond, which was cut by the renowned Amsterdam diamond cutter, Levi Benjamin Voorzanger, on behalf of the British monarchy.

An eye for the future
In addition to unique architecture, sustainability also plays an important role, both during construction and when the Heineken Hoek is in operation. Numerous measures have therefore been taken. From sustainable FSC wood and high-quality insulation materials, to self-closing taps and water-saving toilet settings. And from energy-efficient lighting with presence detection, to solar panels and heat pumps. Heineken Hoek is ready for a sustainable future.

Further information
The contractor J.P. van Eesteren will periodically distribute a newsletter in which the progress, planning and other relevant building activities will be reported. The contractor will distribute the newsletter in the neighbourhood of Heineken Hoek, and we will also post it on our project website.