New-build “De Karel” (phase 2) in Amsterdam

Next to the transformed building of De Karel, 24 new apartments will be realized, being phase 2. The new building consists five floors with a double storey parking basement. Social functions will be realized in the plinth of the building.

Karel du Jardinstraat 67 front façade
Karel du Jardinstraat 67 back façade

The existing low-rise structure (house number 67) will be demolished and a closed four-storey residential block will be realised with a two-storey car park in the basement. The social function(s) located in the plinth will include 24 rental apartments. The two-room apartments have an area of approximately 57 m² each. The apartments consist of two floors (maisonnettes) and have an outdoor space in the front as well as back (a French balcony in back and a balcony in front). The façade consists of dark brown vertical stone strips interrupted by large glass surfaces in aluminium/steel frames. The roof of the ground floor section as well as the roof of the building itself (see next section) will have sedum roofing and be decorated with three large plant containers. Wooden decking will be placed in the public areas on the ground floor.

Parties involved
Architect: ZZDP Architecten B.V.
Structural engineer: Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs B.V.
Systems advisor: Valstar Simonis B.V.
Building contractor: H&R Bouw B.V.
Mechanical systems contractor: Terberg Totaal Installaties B.V.
Electrical systems contractor: De Blaauw Installatietechniek B.V.
Building physics & fire safety: Peutz B.V.
Spatial planning BRO Adviseurs in ruimtelijke ordening, economie en milieu B.V.
Ecology: Econsultancy B.V.
Soil survey: Fugro Geoservices B.V.


A thermal storage system will be installed for use in the buildings. This system uses underground thermal energy for heating and cooling the complex. All the apartments will be fitted with floor heating that is connected to the heat pump of the thermal storage system. In the summer, this is used to provide cooling. In anticipation of the new coalition agreement, which specifies that from 2021 onwards new buildings may not be heated with gas, there are no gas connections in the buildings.

Sedum roofing is used over the ground floor section. A sedum roof contributes to improved insulation and serves as a water barrier against precipitation. In addition, solar panels will be installed on part of the roof surface. These will also serve to provide electricity for lighting and for heat pumps. All apartments will have an energy rating of A.

Building site & Schedule

Demolition work is finished
Start of construction: October 2019
Construction time: approximately 18 months
Delivery: beginning of Q4-2021

A specified 12-week schedule of the contractor can be found below:
12 wekenschema KdJ nieuwbouw versie 4 dd. 14-09-2020

(Pre)registration is not possible. Registration is expected to take place in the 2nd quarter of 2021

Other Information

Project information
Building site organisation

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