Van Eeghenstraat 29B and 31 are properties with a rich history. Number 29B dates from around 1880 and was originally built as three houses with upstairs apartments. Numbers 31 and 33 were built at the same time around 1890 as almost identical residential houses. However, at the beginning of 1980, number 33 was replaced by a new building, whereas number 31 remained in place. Much has happened during the more than 125-year history of the buildings. Property owners have come and gone, and the residential properties were subdivided. The basements were excavated and enlarged, and roof structures were added.


Renovation with an eye for detail
The renovation encompass two individual buildings: Van Eeghenstraat 29b and 31. The large-scale renovation ensured that the buildings will once again comply with modern-day requirements while at the same time retaining their unique look and feel. The exterior as well as interior is restored and, where necessary, replaced. For example, new roofs, window frames, and exterior sections will be put in place, the brickwork is restored, and the floors are strengthened. In the rear, the existing balconies are completely replaced.

Seven luxurious and comfortable apartments
The seven luxury apartments vary in size from approx 55 m² to 135 m² and have access to a sunny outdoor space facing south. The two largest apartments are spread out over two floors. The oversized living area is located on the ground floor and borders the deep garden, which is accessible via the terrace. The sleeping area is located in the basement, which has space for three or four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The five other apartments are located on the upper floors and have a spacious bedroom and luxurious ensuite bathroom.

Distinctive style
All the apartments have a high-quality finish and a distinctive and original style.

The design is by Heyligers Architects and can best be described as ‘Amsterdam chic meets Scandinavian minimalism’.

It’s a style characterised by fine details, mouldings, clean lines, natural materials, minimalism and a serene atmosphere.

The apartments combine the use of light tints with dark steel wall elements. Instead of traditional transparent glass, ribbed glass is used in the steel wall section, creating a unique ambience. The light oak floor, laid out in a Hungarian point pattern, the white panel doors, the mouldings around the windows and doors, and the classic plinths all combine to create a luxurious ambience. The apartments are designed to take everything into account. For example, they are fitted with walk-in closets as well as niches that provide space for decorative cupboards.

The kitchen contains matt light-grey kitchen fronts and a thin composite sand-coloured worktop with a lightly veined pattern into which the sink is integrated. A brass Quooker tap is the finishing touch in this ton-sur-ton kitchen, giving it a characteristic look that fits in seamlessly with the look of the entire apartment.

Whereas lighter tints predominate in most of the apartment, the accent in the bathroom is on darker tints.
The shower walls and washbasin are fitted with darker wall tiles. Alternating these with a Hungarian point and offset pattern creates a playful pattern.

The other walls and the floor are fitted with white ceramic tiles with light-grey veins, which together with the bronze taps create a classy look.

The light/dark contrast is also present in the washbasin furniture, with lightly ribbed wooden drawers and a black marble top. The freestanding bath, stand-alone shower, and double washbasin make the picture complete.

Lighting plan
The lighting plan highlights the unique atmosphere in the various rooms, as do the lighting fixtures themselves. The apartments are fitted with white and gold-coloured spotlights, which are tastefully recessed into the walls and ceiling. Up-down lighters are used in the halls: the light shines against the wall in a downwards as well as upwards direction for an atmosphere-enhancing effect. The lighting can be controlled remotely via the HUE lighting system. The light-grey Jung switches, chic as well as timeless, provide the finishing touch.

Implementing parties
Interior architect- HEYLIGERS architects
Building contractor- Bouwbedrijf Selie B.V.
Water installations- Terberg Totaal Installaties B.V.
Electrical installations- Hoppenbrouwers Techniek
Wooden floors- Zwiers & Zonen
Bathrooms- Zwarthoed-Kirry B.V.
Interior construction (kitchens and cupboards)- KP Interieur B.V.
Steel doors- De Rooy Metaaldesign B.V.


Sustainability was a primary focus throughout the renovation. The floors, roofs, and walls are insulated, and the windows and window frames are replaced. All the apartments are fitted with floor heating and LED lighting.

Other information

The apartments were completed in May 2023. All apartments are rented.