Construction of new Heineken Hoek in full swing

After the summer of 2023, it will be completed. The new Heineken Hoek will then open its doors for guests. The basement, ground floor and first floor are reserved for restaurant and catering facilities, and the upper floors will provide ample space for a stylish four-star hotel.
The construction activities are in full swing to ensure that all is set for the grand opening in the autumn of 2023. For example, the basement floor and walls as well as the elevator shafts have been poured recently, and the prefab interior basement walls are now being installed. Immediately after the construction industry holiday, the floor will be poured on the ground floor. Once that is completed, the strut frame can be removed and construction can start on the upper floors.

Unique façade
A great deal of work is presently also being done on the glass outer wall – a joint effort with MVSA Architects and Octatube, a specialist in glass constructions. In brief, the wall is composed of two layers. The outermost layer, the ‘second skin’, is composed of glass triangles positioned at various angles. The innermost layer, the thermal envelope of the building, is fitted with white plate material in a triangular pattern. As the pattern has varying depths, it creates a subtle three-dimensional relief. A mock-up was developed, measuring approximately 2.5 x 4.0 m, in order to obtain an accurate and realistic image of the outer wall. This mock-up already makes it clear that the end result will be a real eye-catcher – a new iconic building on the Leidseplein.

More information
For more information about the project, please visit our project website, Here you can also access the information that contractor J.P. van Eesteren distributed in the immediate vicinity of the Heineken Hoek regarding the progress, planning, and other relevant matters.

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