The new Heineken Hoek façade is becoming visible!

But the façade is not yet finished; its construction is in full swing. The new Heineken Hoek is getting a spectacular double façade.

The inner façade will feature white aluminium plate material in a triangular pattern with three different depths, creating a subtle relief. The outer façade will be constructed from glass triangles positioned at various angles.

The white inner façade is already finished. The 12 mm thick steel cables on which the glass outer façade will be hung are presently being tightened. In December, the first glass triangles will be hung onto the cables. At the end of Q1-2024, the glass façade and glass canopy will be completed.

The glass façade was designed by MVSA Architects in collaboration with Octatube. Octatube specialises in the design, development, and realisation of challenging architectural constructions, in particular glass façades.

The work on the inner shell is practically finished. The users will soon start on the construction of the hotel and restaurant and catering facilities.

The Diamond Hotel will be opening its doors on the 2nd to 5th (incl.) floors of the new building on the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. The restaurant and catering section (basement, ground floor, and first floor) will house a grand café, an exclusive cocktail bar, a table d’hôte, and a steakhouse. The restaurant and catering facilities as well as the hotel expect to welcome their first guests in mid-March 2024.

Parties involved: MVSA Architects | Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs | Hiensch Engineering | JP van Eesteren | Hoppenbrouwers | Bectro Installatietechniek | Octatube