Heineken Hoek, opening on the way!

Heineken Hoek is rising, floor by floor
Despite some delay, the completion of the new Heineken Hoek is almost here. The precast concrete walls have been installed on the first level, and the floor of the second level has been poured. In the coming period, we will continue to pour floors, one by one, so that by June/July 2023 all the floors will be poured and the building will be concrete-shell ready. Of course, pouring the floors is not the only thing we are currently working on. The ducts and pipes for the plumbing are being installed in the building and we are working hard on all the electronic installations in the floors and walls.

The facade
The first part of the scaffolding is up, and it will be raised along with the floors in the coming weeks. Behind the scaffold, we are working on the new face of Heineken Hoek. Construction of the concrete facade is in full swing, the insulation is going in, and the casement frames are being installed. Octatube, a specialist in distinctive facades, has started on the structure on which the new glass facade will be suspended.

Opening on the way
The new building will house a four-star hotel and hospitality venues. Immediately after the summer, building will start on the hospitality venues and the hotel. The venues will be spread across the basement, ground floor and first floor. The floors above them will house a high-quality 4-star hotel. With its combination of functions and distinctive architecture, Heineken Hoek will make a positive contribution to the liveability and quality of the area. Heineken Hoek is expected to open its doors in autumn 2023.

Further information
The contractor J.P. van Eesteren will periodically distribute a newsletter reporting on the progress, planning and other relevant building activities. They will distribute the newsletter in the neighbourhood of Heineken Hoek, and we will also post it on our project website. You can read the latest newsletter here:EN 304213 Informatiebrief #10 Heinekenhoek.

For more information on the project, please visit our project website www.herontwikkelingheinekenhoek.nl. Send any questions regarding this project to prheinekenhoek@caransa.nl.

Architect: MVSA Architects
Building contractor: J.P. van Eesteren
Mechanical engineering installations: Bectro Installatietechniek
Electrical installations: Hoppenbrouwers Techniek
Glass facade and awning: Octatube Nederland B.V.